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There's A Big Mac For That

How do you bring the swagger back to Big Mac in America? In partnership with our sister agency We Are Unlimited, Red Urban led the creative development to introduce three new sizes of the world’s most famous burger with a super-integrated, highly targeted campaign. It proved that no matter what the moment, There’s a Big Mac for That.

Subaru Dark Sky

A star-filled sky is one of nature’s most beautiful sights. But because of urban light pollution, an estimated 85% of Canadians can’t see more than a few of the brightest stars. Using the Subaru Outback – a vehicle known for its adventurous nature – to encourage people to drive out to see a beautiful star-filled sky seemed like the perfect fit.

Never Sit Still

In an industry known for celebrity spokesmen and endorsements from ‘real people, not actors”, we wanted our spokesman to stand out. To do that, we searched high and low for a spokesman who was neither a celebrity, an actor, nor a real person. And when we found him, we knew we were in for a ride.

HBC Country of Adventurers

When you're tasked with telling the epic stories of epic HBC adventurers in the epic Canadian landscape, you'd better make some pretty epic work. We paired the historic explorers of the HBC with relevant modern-day counterparts to tell the compelling – and uniquely Canadian - stories of our Country of Adventurers.

2016 Forester

How do you talk about the agility and fun-to-drive capabilities of the Subaru Forester in an emotional and memorable way? You get an injured sheepdog who knows all his sheep are escaping and he wants to round them up, but he can't, so his master lets him herd sheep from the back seat of the Forester, that's how.

Once More

It’s not every day you come across a 1955 Beetle that has driven around the world 3 times, through several owners, and is still driving today. But when you do, you better make an interactive documentary about it. Actually maybe you shouldn’t, because we already did, and it’s called Once More, The Story of VIN 903847.

The Beetle 3-track

When you think of the Beetle, you think of three-in-one interactive music videos, right? No? Well, now you will.

Alexander Keith's Hop Series

If a beer company ever asks you to help them launch a series of delicious beers, each focused on a different kind of hop, don’t show them anything that looks like this. We already did it with Labatt, and we’ll totally know you’re copying us.

GLI Art Heist

First we painted with the Jetta GLI, itself. Then we turned long exposure photos from the TV spot into limited edition prints, and hung them as wild postings across Canada for people to steal. We also used social media to send clues of the remaining prints’ wherabouts. Judging by how fast they disappeared, it’s clear that people still appreciate fine art.

Fortnight Lingerie

To put tiny Fortnight on the map, we created an idea that was not only sexy, but life-saving. We called it Super Sexy CPR.


How do you spice up an everyday brand that's bringing fashion to the forefront? Combine style and life to create a beautifully relatable fashion-focused campaign.

2015 BRZ

In 0-100 tests between supercars and the BRZ, supercars win. But for about a million dollars less, the BRZ still delivers gorgeous looks, amazing performance, and plenty of unwanted small talk from strangers. So even if you don't live like the 1%, the BRZ lets you drive like them.