There's A Big Mac For That

How do you bring the swagger back to Big Mac in America? In partnership with our sister agency We Are Unlimited, Red Urban led the creative development to introduce three new sizes of the world’s most famous burger with a super-integrated, highly targeted campaign. It proved that no matter what the moment, There’s a Big Mac for That.

fig 1. To tease the news of our new Big Mac sizes and musical campaign, an animated equalizer mimicking the Big Mac stack ran online.

fig 2. A :60 music video dropped online to kick off the campaign.

fig 3. Dedicated online :15s allowed us to serve millennials with relevant messaging.

fig 4. Some pre-roll spots ran during the noon hour, just in time for an office lunch.

fig 5. Celebratory awards show pieces were supported by dedicated online spots.

fig 6. To enlist our target to help the news, we partnered with Emogi to create a weird and wonderful set of Big Mac Emojis.

fig 7. We went far and wide with our social content, with a robust plan of over 100 diverse pieces across channels.

fig 8. A national Snapchat lens spread the news and let our target play with our food.

fig 9. A robust social campaign also included mouth-watering “Oscar Dresses” tailored perfectly for each Big Mac size.

fig 10. Dedicated Facebook Canvas units allowed for even deeper engagement with our target.